Tre sorele

“With southern winds they start singing. They sing to themselves, just as I speak to myself. I can, I have always been crazy but they haven’t been… There are stories going around Prcanj, some say this some say that…. There are many stories in Prcanj and Boka.

Some say that Damjan really was Captain “Diablo”, he got to rest, play a bit and then followed his star. Others, again, speak that there is some kind of devil work and that at midnight he can be seen on his ship sailing, not at sea to Perast. Some boast that it was the Venetian prince who prepared for the war against Turks, and when he was killed and buried, three gems were found on his chest. It would not be Boka when there would not be stories, quarrels. No one knows what is true and what a fantasy is. And when Joyo thought better of it, there is no truth, just fantasy.  Jojo knows, he is not crazy for nothing.”

Author: Стеван Копривица

Director: Милош Јагодић
Set designer: Ивана Савић
Costume design: Милица Грбић Комазец
Choreography: Фросина Димовска и Иста Степанов
Editor: Дубравка Дракић
Music: Миодраг Мика Младеновић
Rehearsal pianist: Агота Виткаи Кучера


Марија РАДОВАНОВ – Nera
Славица ВУЧЕТИЋ – Бјаnka
Кристина САВКОВ – Rоza
Слободан НИНКОВИЋ – Dамјаn
Иван ЂУРИЋ – Маrko

Premeiere: 15 September 2017