The Snow Queen

Despite his very hard life H. K. Andersen believed in the magic power of fairy tales. He was convinced that people could survive in this fierce world only if they believed in miracles and fairies. He was of the opinion that some things could only be understood from the heart, that only love could help melt a cold and frozen heart. In the fairy tale “The Snow Queen” two forces compete. On one side there are: The Snow Queen, the evil adviser, cunning king of the north and robbers who seek gold, power and are greedy. They are representatives of cold-hearted reason and do not realize that one can give up personal interests and thus endanger one’s life for the sake of love and friendship.

The show is recommended for children over the age of 5!

Andersen portrays the contrast between the goodness of the child and malice and hypocrisy of adults. We believe money is not the meaning of life, money can not buy everything and that we should learn about humanity from our children, because, as Goethe said: “The child is the father of the man”. The child preserves the qualities of a “real” man. And there, in the roles of Gerda, a little robber, Prince and Princess we witness this childlike purity overpowering evil as they battle to save Kai from the ice shackles of the beautiful but cold and evil Snow Queen.

The main character, the narrator – Andersen, who usually tells its fictional stories, this time decided to participate in his fairy tale. That causes a big problem because the events in the story start getting out of his control and the plot begins to unfold in an unwanted direction. That often leaves Gerda, who is in search of her love, entangled in some dramatic, terrible and seemingly hopeless situations. Eventually, we hope, all ends with a happy end.

The show leaves a very distinct, powerful and emotional, visual and audible impression.


Author: Evgeniy Svarc(Schwartz)?
Director: Biserka Kolevska
Set and costume design: Svila Velickova
Choreography: Olivera Kovacevic Crnjanski
Stage Combat – fencing: Dragan Stojmenovic
Composer: Nelko Kolarov
Editor: Sasa Latinovic
Photo: Srdjan Srdjanov
Poster and program booklet: Edna Mackovic


Narrator – Sasa Latinovic

Gerda – Kristina Savkov

Kai, servant – Danilo Brakocevic

The Snow Queen – Mia Radovanovic

Advisor, northern deer – Slobodan Ninkovic

The Grandmother, The Princess – Neda Danilovic

The Crow, the King, northern deer, the robber – Danilo Milovanovic

The Lady Crow, The Little Robber – Slavica Vucetic

The Prince, the robber – Ivan Djuric

The Old Robber Woman – Jelica Gligorin

First rehearsal: 10 March 2017
Premiere: 12 April 2017