Little hedgehog Zozo

Just like a real hedgehog, little Zozo has sharp spikes that threaten everyone, including his friends. Everyone is afraid of getting prickled and they avoid Zozo. No one wants to play with him and Zozo is very sad. That is why, one day, he decides to remove his spikes. All his friends readily accept his idea and try to help him. With their support, Zozo embarks on an adventure: Release me of my spikes!

No one can even imagine just how unrelenting hedgehog’s spikes are; not giving in to cutting, nor uprooting. And it is good that the spikes were so stubborn because, when the terrible wolf appeared and threatened the bunny to eat him, the spikes were the ones who saved him. Only then did the bunny and friends from the yard realize that they were not fair for avoiding Zozo.

In fact, can we imagine a hedgehog without spikes?

The show is recommended for children over the age of 3!


Author: Kuzman Krstev
Director: Emilija Mrdakovic

Assistant director: Slobodan Ninkovic

Lyricist/Composer?: Mirjana rastevic
Set and costume design: Milica Grbic Komazec

Puppets: Blagovesta Vasileva
Choreography: Olivera Kovacevic Crnjanski
Composer: Miodrag Mika Mladenovic

Accompanist: Dr Agota Vitkai Kucera
Editor: Sasa Latinovic
Poster and program booklet: Edna Mackovic


Little Hedgehog Zozo – Kristina Savkov
The Bunny, Aunt Pavka – Slavica Vucetic
The Cat – Marina Cinkocki
The Dog Zivana – Marija Todorovic
The Donkey Zarko, The Wolf – Neda Danilovic

First rehearsal: 8 November 2016
Premiere: 28 December 2016