“Comedy about love, marriage, friendship… Life, ideals and their opposites. At the time of haughty shallowness, deaf speed, Love is revitalized because of fear of suffering and loss. Is that life?” The performance is recommended to the audience over the age of 16. Author: Мјуреј Шизгал Director: Немања Петроње Cast: Марина Цинкоцки Саша Стојковић Небојша Савић

Bereaved family

"This is a unique adaptation and transformation of well-known heroes of "Bereaved family" into puppets. On the stage, this Nusic's black comedy has become a grotesque puppet show, visually and audibly striking, creative and inventive from director’s point of view and a demanding task for actors and animation, all of which made it more intriguing as it revealed new, unexplored possibilities of interpretation and stage performance. The performance is recommended for [...]

Completely shortened history of Serbia

The history of Serbia, as well as the history of any other state with a serious past, at first glance, seems to be the topic with very little room for laughter. There are numerous ups and downs, intrigues, treasons, assassinations, political revolutions and violent upheavals, mythomania, wars, lies and manipulation in the form of diplomacy (although, lately, that is what headlines of daily newspapers look similar). The performance, in the spirit of Monty [...]

As long as I feed and clothe you

If you used to be a child, if you are a parent or you plan on becoming one, if you have ever attended a kindergarten or school, if you work in a kindergarten or school, if you were once pregnant, if you are constantly told how to raise your child, if someone is constantly trying to educate you, if you have a relatives who get on your nerves, if you have ever written a school essay on the topic "How I spent a school break", if you live in Serbia, if your [...]

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