Is Grandpa wearing a suit?

In this play we deal with a topic that is neither happy nor attractive, but it is present in our lives and therefore inevitable. German author Amelie Fried wrote a warm story about Bruno whose grandfather died and we tried to turn it into a theater performance, equally warm and receptive to the youngest audience. Parents are often reluctant to talk to their children about death, they avoid this topic until the moment when there is a sudden loss in the family. Psychologists claim that [...]

Aska and the Wolf

"Aska and the Wolf" is the most famous story for children of our celebrated Nobel Prize-winning author Ivo Andric. It is an allegory about Aska, an unusual sheep from Steep Meadows who loved ballet and wanted to become a famous ballerina where Ivo Andric conveys the importance of art and artistic creation, a very current problem of our society. "We do not know how much power and what kind of possibilities all the living creatures hide in themselves. [...]

How flying was invented

There was once a long-beaked and forever-thinking stork whose mind crossed a small idea and from that moment on intrigued him every day. It was a thought of flying. It haunted him so much that the stork tried to realise it just so he could get it out of his mind. And that is how a long-beaked and forever-thinking stork decided to spread its wings, so be it. There was no [...]

Who said “meow”?

The play introduces children with basic colors and how the mixing of basic colors creates new ones as well as with various animals, their characteristics and the voices they make. " Who said “meow”?" is a play for both children and parents, as it gives new ideas on how to play together, encouraging them to experiment with colors. Sing-along songs provide the opportunity for children to sing along even during the performance. The play also entices children’s adventurous spirit to get [...]

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