Eugene Onegin

“Freedom or emptiness…Eugene Onegin is the progenitor of today’s generations who bear their freedom high, they perceive it as identity, even the meaning of life. But do they know it at all? Love, friendship and every value will be sacrificed for this tempting illusion, which is often hidden by the cold and emptiness – vice of Pushkin’s but much more of our time. They come as a lovely and passable fashion, but quickly show a terrifying other side because they leave behind  havoc, destroyed love, ideals, dreams, relationships and missed chances. Onegin’s emptiness is not passive silence, nor a space of creation, but a dark and aggressive force that swallows, devours and seeks victims. Nemesis. Eugene Onegin is the time to come. The time of the cold and empty soul, which fosters egoism as the only defense from the world, and as a life creed and lesson. Time that brags rebellion, contempt and irony, and kills gentleness, emotionality, poetry, love, naivety and beauty. Pushkin recognized Onegin as a sign of decay, decadence, as a symptom of modern urban life. Today, this symptom develops into a generational illness that ends in solitude, in life spent without love and any meaning. ”

Boris Lijesevic

“Eugene Onegin”
Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin

Dramatization: Федор Шили
Director: Борис Лијешевић
Costume design: Милица Грбић Комазец
Set designer: Уна Јанков
Expert consultant: Тања Поповић
Assistant director: Мирјана Ђан и Ивана Јаношев
Interns: Ибро Сакић
Rehearsal pianist: др Агота Виткаи Кучера
Choice of music: play team


Пеђа Марјановић – Eugene Onegin
Кристина Савков – Tatyana Larin
Данило Миловановић – Vladimir Lensky
Миа Радовановић – Olga Larin, boy
Иван Ђурић – Stepan
Јелица Глигорин – Mrs Larin, grandma
Вера Хрћан Остојић – Dada, Princess Alina
Слободан Нинковић – Zaretskey
Саша Латиновић – General, Monsiuer Trickuet???, priest
Неда Даниловић – Akulka, Mrs Pustyakova, Priness Alina’s daughter
Драган Зорић – Onegin’s Uncle, Mr Bujanov

Premiere:       16 December 2017