A Christmas Carol

There are many stories that were once current and interesting to people but they have eventually faded and fallen into oblivion. “A Christmas Carol” is not one of them. This Dickens novel still evokes strong emotions and sends a clear message as it used to back in 1843 when it was written. With this production we would like to emphasize just how important it is to pay attention to people around us, to offer help to those who desperately need it and worry less about money and material wealth. Dickens’ novel had a strong impact on the people of his time and that has not changed even today. We still need to be reminded that, at least one day a year, we should be noble and generous to others without any particular cause or reason.

The show is recommended for children over the age of 5!


Based on Charles Dickens novel

Text adaptation: Momcilo Miljkovic, Emilija Mrdakovic
Playwright: Djordje Petrovic
Director: Momcilo Miljkovic
Scenography: Momcilo Miljkovic
Costume and puppet design: Milica Grbic Komazec
Composer: Miodrag Mika Mladenovic

Еbenezer Scrooge – Ivan Djuric
Bob Crutchit – Sasa Latinovic
Bob’s wife – Neda Danilovic
Nephew – Danilo Milovanovic
Nephew’s wife – Slavica Vucetic
Charity collector, ghost – Emil Kurcinak
The ghost of Marley – Slaven Doslo
Young Scrooge’s girlfriend – Mia Radovanovic
Ghost – Sanja Tomic
Tiny Tim – Nikola Zoric

Premiere: 24 December 2015 as part of Off Stage project